looking at content marketing channels
JUNE 18, 2017

What are content marketing channels?

By: Emily Gilbert

Create content that people will actually find interesting, as opposed to pushing your product or service. That’s the premise of content marketing, but….where does

copywriter planning content
JUNE 12, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About Copywriters & How They Create Content for Your Website

By: Karina Barker

Copywriter. It’s one of those professions that generates a lot of questions. For many people, the idea of a copywriter is not self-obvious. It’s

coworkers having conversation at work
JUNE 5, 2017

How to Give Compliments at Work Without Being Labelled a Creep

By: Lisa Helm

Complimenting someone at work, particularly if they are the opposite gender, can feel like a loaded interaction. If you find it easy to give

content marketing for tech
MAY 15, 2017

5 Misconceptions About Content Marketing for Tech Companies (And How to Get it Right)

By: Lisa Helm

Congratulations, you’ve started a company! Maybe you’ve developed an app or an SaaS product and you’re convinced that it will change the world. All

pitching to an empty room of investors
MAY 8, 2017

Pitching Your Business to Investors or Clients? Here’s How To Do It Best

By: Lisa Helm

Have you ever seen a founder or small business owner pitch their business to investors or potential partners? They usually go something like this:

copywriter sitting and planning with coffee
MAY 4, 2017

What makes a good copywriter? The 6 C’s of Good Copywriting

By: Leslie Phelan

What makes a good copywriter? Throughout my career as a professional writer and my personal life as a voracious reader, I have found that

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