looking at content marketing channels
JUNE 18, 2017

What are content marketing channels?

By: Emily Gilbert

Create content that people will actually find interesting, as opposed to pushing your product or service. That’s the premise of content marketing, but….where does it take place? Where does this engaging, relevant content live in the ever-evolving digital landscape?

The first step to understanding what a content marketing channel looks like is knowing that ‘content’ by its very definition is incredibly broad. Content can and does consist of anything from a blog article to a video to a social media post. And with so many possibilities for what content could be, it’s only fitting that there are many distinct places it could live:

Here are four content marketing channels that we love:


Not only a channel for great video content, YouTube will allow you to gain exposure for your website as well. Create content for YouTube gradually, with the idea of building a library over time. If your content strategy involves creating helpful tips or “How To’s” about your area, YouTube may just be the channel for you. People are constantly using the platform to help them complete tasks or quickly learn something new.


The place to create content with the purpose of sharing, as either a single post, or a link to a piece that lives elsewhere.

Looking for more eyes on your blog? Facebook by its very nature it designed for its users to share content amongst their social circles. Create relevant posts with concise copy to link to your blog articles.


People turn to Instagram for beautiful visuals, making it the perfect forum for image-based content. While not necessarily the ideal space for lengthy copy and prolonged descriptions, Instagram is a great choice for content channel to visually delight your audience and pique curiosity about your brand.

Think of it as a ‘quick hit’ of engaging content, as opposed to the platform for a more detailed piece.


People are constantly on the go, whether at the gym or embarking on their daily commute. They’re also often seeking a way to entertain themselves during these parts of the day – and there’s a way for your content to fill that time.

Enter the podcast. Creating audio-based content is a great way to go into more depth about a particular subject, and to leverage the perspectives of other people your audience might find interesting through interviews.

It’s important to remember that your content marketing strategy should dictate your channels – not the other way around. Your audience will be able to differentiate between something genuinely engaging and a lacklustre force fit. Make sure that you are leveraging the right channel for the type of content you want to create, instead of trying to make content work so that you can be present on a particular channel.

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