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JUNE 12, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About Copywriters & How They Create Content for Your Website

By: Karina Barker

Copywriter. It’s one of those professions that generates a lot of questions. For many people, the idea of a copywriter is not self-obvious. It’s also steeped in misconceptions.

With ‘copy’ everywhere – from billboards to computer screens – it’s a profession that seeps into our daily lives more often than we realize. Yet, it’s still often misunderstood.

So, what is a copywriter? And how do copywriters create content for your website?

To start, let’s discuss the difference between:
• a copywriter, and
• a content writer.

Copywriters are traditionally associated with advertising copy (aka, text). They are a special breed of writers that write for the purpose of motivating action. Copywriters typically write tag lines, print advertisements, radio commercials, web display ads, and so on. Content writers, on the other hand, write to inform.

However, with the explosion of digital content (aka, blog posts and short/long form articles on the web), many copywriters are branching out into content writing. While content writing often resembles a more journalistic-form of writing, copywriters can be highly effective and skilled at writing content. After all, these days, most content on the web is put there not only to inform readers, but also to motivate action. How many time have you been asked to sign up for a newsletter or click for a quote when you’re reading an article on the web?

How do copywriters work? What are the tricks of their trade and how do they create compelling content?

Good copywriters are skilled writers that blend:
• creativity, and
• proven techniques.

They are trained individuals who have practiced and honed their craft. Some copywriters specialize in a niche market – for instance, writing about lifestyles or medical products – while others are generalists, sometimes focusing their efforts on certain media channels like writing for the web or the radio.

Copywriters operate by spending a lot of their time doing background research, and reading and planning. They also do a lot of revising, tweaking, and editing. In between, they write and re-write, think and ponder, and rewrite some more. While their output might (in some cases) be just a few words, those words are chosen with purpose and skill to target the right audience and create the right emotional response.

To help a copywriter write effective copy, many clients will provide information on their:
• target audience, and
• marketing strategy.

This helps copywriters speak to their ideal clients in a voice that resonates and encourages the reader to take the desired action. On that note: it is critical, when working with a copywriter, to provide clear instructions on what your content’s desired action should be. Do you want to get more sales, newsletter subscribers, quote requests, or something else? With the right information, a copywriter can help you achieve your business goals.

In case you’re wondering, copywriters be hired to write a variety of content for your website, including:
• the text of the website itself,
• white papers,
• blog posts,
• emails,
• social media posts, and so on.

Furthermore, they can be hired to execute a long-term content strategy, or brought onboard to write for just one short-term campaign.

To summarize:

The benefit of hiring a copywriter is that you will get professional, effective, and compelling copy for your website – results that you simply can’t achieve alone.

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